The Britain-Vietnam
Friendly Society

The BVFS since its foundation in 1992 work upon projects raising awareness and funds for the Vietnamese people, especially those suffering from the effects of Agent Orange.

Since the sad passing of Len Aldis, the original website lapsed and this content has been reproduced in order to stand as a tribute, referencing the material painstaking written & produced therein.

Unfortunately, it is also sad to say that, this website will no longer be able to facilitate the continuation of the work of the Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society Webiste founded by Len Aldis.

The American War on Vietnam was the most devastating war yet known. Although it ended in 1975 it left a terrible legacy which has travelled down the years to the present day for the people, its forests and its land..

Despite this the country has made remarkable progress in many fields since and despite the international embargo that ended in 1994. However, it will take many more years of support, and international aid to overcome the legacy of Agent Orange one of the chemicals used in that war.

Our campaigns seeking justice for the victims of Agent Orange has led to Len Aldis being invited to speak at a number of universities in the UK and in Vietnam. He has also spoken on the issue at public meetings in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and Vietnam.

In addition, we have shown international award winning documentary films on Agent Orange such as “Battle’s Poison Cloud”, produced by Tambuti Films of London. “Path to Justice”, Vietnam Film Centre and in which Len appeared. Another film “Agent Orange” a personal requiem” by Masako Sakata has recently been released as has “The Last Ghost of War” by an American company, Janet Gardner Group.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others

- Thomas Shultz

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